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Sophie Leeson

Telephone Number: 01603 931247


Likes: Running, surfing, beach days, travelling and spending time with friends and family. Dislikes: SPIDERS! Drives: VW Up Dream Car: Audi A1 Biggest Achievement... [Read More]

Sharron Spall

Telephone Number: 01603 567108

Mobile Number: 07342 888255


Likes: Holidays, Christmas, wine, tea, spending time with my children and husband, horse riding, having a giggle with friends. Dislikes: Winter mornings, making cups of ... [Read More]

Sasha Etchels

Telephone Number: 01603 567117

Mobile Number: 07881 383449


Likes: Holidays, Travel, spending time with family and friends, Marmite, watching a good movie, Swimming and coffee! Dislikes: Rudeness and poor time keeping. Drives: ... [Read More]

Ruby Hanley

Telephone Number: 01603 567118

Mobile Number: 07766 220886


Likes: Being in the sun, holidays, boxing and spending time with my family and boyfriend. Dislikes: Sitting in traffic, liars, people running behind me. Drives: Golf D... [Read More]

Rhiannon Stones

Telephone Number: 01603 567115

Mobile Number: 07342 888260


Likes: Family Time and Lazy Weekends Dislikes: Negative and Rude People Drives: Peugeot 307 Dream Car: Range Rover Sport Biggest Achievement: Surviving Recruitment... [Read More]

Oliver Bellamy

Telephone Number: 01603 567114


Likes: Food, Motorbikes, Cars, Xbox and spending time with friends and family. Dislikes: Jellyfish, Crabs and the Cold. Drives: Volkswagen Golf 1.6 Dream Car: Lamborgh... [Read More]

Natasha Robson

Telephone Number: 01603 931244

Mobile Number: 07827 837325


Likes: Cars, cats, shopping, eating out, makeup, travelling, gaming and spending time with family and friends. Dislikes: Spiders, the cold, Drives: Audi A3 S-line, Whi... [Read More]

Melissa Rowlands

Telephone Number: 01603 931242

Mobile Number: 07585 907521


Likes: Football (Norwich City), Boxing, Wrestling/WWE, Las Vegas/Orlando for holidays, Lewis Hamilton (although I actually love him, not like, so I don't know if that cou... [Read More]

Mary Thompson

Telephone Number: 01603 567101

Mobile Number: 07815 723743


Likes: Tea, Gin, Pancake day, Live music, The giggles, Naps at weekends, Holidays, Cheese Dislikes: Christmas build-up, The 'Happy Birthday' song, Fireworks, Butterflies... [Read More]

Lorna Guthrie

Telephone Number: 01603 931241

Mobile Number: 07748 148898


I have recently joined progress recruitment solutions to start a new career path and I am very excited to have this opportunity! I have been in the motor trade for app... [Read More]

Lindsey Voong

Telephone Number: 01603 567104


Likes: Sports, Streetfood Markets and Travelling Dislikes: Heights and Horror Movies Drives: Toyota Dream Car: Range Rover Biggest Achievement: Completing The Lon... [Read More]

Leigh Purling

Telephone Number: 01603 931243


Likes: Summer, dogs, spending time with friends Dislikes: Cold weather, traffic, wasps Drives: Fiat 500 Dream Car: White Audi TT Biggest Achievement: Gaining a degree... [Read More]

Laura Rycroft AffIMI AIRP

Telephone Number: 01603 567100

Mobile Number: 07717 885548


Likes: Cars, Lazy Sunday's, Boxing, going to the gym, weekends away and holidays Dislikes: Slow drivers, being hungry, spiders and false promises Drives: Audi S3 Conver... [Read More]

Katy Thompson

Telephone Number: 01603 717187


Likes: Family time, Christmas, holidays abroad, red wine in a proper glass, London and anything with cinnamon. Dislikes: that my family live so far away, bad manners, th... [Read More]

Jono Neill

Telephone Number: 01603 567119


Likes: Spending time with my daughter, sunshine, holidays, meeting new people and going on new adventures. Dislikes: Wasps, the cold, selfishness Drives: Peugeot 208 ... [Read More]

James Murrell

Telephone Number: 01603 567110

Mobile Number: 07412 299297


Likes: Football (I'm a Norwich City season ticket holder) and spending time with my family Dislikes: Ipswich Town FC and Dogs Drives: Hyundai Dream Car: Range Rover B... [Read More]

Hollie Lambert

Telephone Number: 01603 567107

Mobile Number: 07496 725728


Prior to joining Progress Recruitment Solutions I'd always worked in a very customer focused environment. Working in the retail and insurance sector has helped me gain va... [Read More]

Georgia Cowles

Telephone Number: 01603 567102

Mobile Number: 07887 476160


Likes: Holidays, Prosecco and Food! Dislikes: Fish Drives: Audi A1 Biggest Achievement: Buying my first home and car the same year as graduating with a 2:1 degree ... [Read More]

Emma Clark

Telephone Number: 01603 931240

Mobile Number: 07585 907405


Likes: Cheese, sunshine, cocktails, festivals Dislikes: Heights, bad manners, horror movies Drives: Ford Focus Dream Car: Audi R8 Having spent more than 10 years ... [Read More]

Ed Bott

Telephone Number: 01603 567109

Mobile Number: 07867 303963


Likes: Ipswich Town FC Dislikes: Norwich City FC Drives: VW Golf TDI Dream Car: Ferrari 458 Biggest Achievement: Achieving a company record month within 6 months ... [Read More]

Diana Filip Cert RP

Telephone Number: 01603 567112

Mobile Number: 07879 072250


Likes: Skiing, tennis, potatoes, looking for holiday bargains (I never find any but I keep looking), Romanian traditional music Dislikes: Dust, my hair, cats, beer Dri... [Read More]

Dani Mead

Telephone Number: 01603931248


Likes: Holidays, Time with friends & family, Wine, Tea, Summer, Film marathons on rainy days. Dislikes: Winter, Rain, Lies, Rudeness, Traffic, Slow people. Drives: ... [Read More]

Claire Brindley

Telephone Number: 01603 567116

Mobile Number: 07432 888263


Likes: Holidays, Wine and spending time with friends and family Dislikes: Cheese! And people being late! Drives: Mazda 6 Dream Car: One with a chauffeur…..I hav... [Read More]

Ben Culley

Telephone Number: 01603 567105

Mobile Number: 07824 995959


Likes: Football, F1, MotoGP, NFL (there's a theme here….) Dislikes: Things like X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing Drives: VW Golf Dream Car: This constantly ch... [Read More]

Becky Waters

Telephone Number: 01603 567113


Likes: Christmas, Sunny days, shopping, holidays, spending time with friends and family Dislikes: Heights…. Aaahhhhhh!!! Wasps! Biggest Achievement: Buying ... [Read More]

Amy Jenkins

Telephone Number: 01603 931245


Likes: Horses (especially quirky ex-race horses), Cider A clean tidy house, The Foo Fighters, Un-Fared Motorbikes Dislikes: Horses (especially quirky ex-race horses !!!... [Read More]

Allison Marshall

Telephone Number: 01603 717187


I have now been working for Progress Recruitment for nearly 3 years. I currently work part-time as the Administration & Accounts Manager, assisting the team with resou... [Read More]

Adam Wilks

Telephone Number: 01603 567111


... [Read More]

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