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Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn
17th September 2014

Making the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for making connections within the business world – whether you are looking for a new job or looking to simply expand your network of like minded professionals… think of it as Facebook for work! However because it's a professional profile and not a social one you need to make sure the information on here reflects how you would like to be perceived in the business world.

1. Headline
This is the first thing a person sees when making a connection with you. Make sure that your headline has the right information on it – if you are in sales make sure this is in the first line. Add in as many relevant words as possible to the headline to make sure that if someone is searching for a sales person in your field that they are likely to find you.
2. Profile Photograph
Use a photo that makes you then main focus – ideally with only yourself in it. Preferably a head and shoulder shot in business attire to make sure that you look professional and that should you meet them they can recognise you from this picture.

3. Completed Profile
There are various sections to complete when setting up a LinkedIn profile – try to include as much information as possible – not only does this show that you pay attention to detail to any prospective Employers or Clients it also gives them a good insight into your suitability by providing them with as much background as possible.

4. Accuracy
Make sure the information on here is correct – use the right dates of employment and be honest with the information you are providing. Endure you proof read everything for any grammatical errors. Consider this an online CV!

5. Security
Don't forget that this is a social site and the information you put on here is available to a lot of people – there are various security settings that you can alter with regards to who can see what information on you. 'Account & Settings' – 'Privacy & Settings'

Most of all make the most of it! LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for finding potential Clients, Employers, Employees and networking with like minded individuals. use your profile to your advantage and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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