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Reasons to stay in a job

Reasons to stay in a job
14th August 2014

Reasons to stay in a job

1. Consider the real reason you are looking to leave
Is it something that can be fixed?
Have you spoken to your immediate line manager or if not the manager above them to see if you can resolve issues?
Are you likely to face the same problems somewhere else?
If you are unhappy with your job its self seriously consider if it is the job role or the environment that you are working in that is causing your unhappiness? This will help you to identify where you need a change of career or looking for a similar role within another company.

• Appeal to Future Employers
If you are thinking of leaving a job before you have something else lined up you need to seriously consider your options. Employers are often wary of an Applicant that leaves a job without another one to go to. It raises questions such as:
Are they going to be committed?
Do they need the money? Usually more of a concern in commission based roles to an employer.
Where they dismissed?
Are they hiding something?
Whilst your reasons for leaving a job without another one to go to maybe fully explainable and innocent it can sometimes be enough to make an Employer think twice about offering an interview.

• Money
Most of us need to work, with the ever increasing cost of living, bills to pay why put yourself in an uncertain situation unless you really have to? Whilst being in a job you really don't like can be soul destroying; leaving it without having something else to go to could only cause other problems in the long run especially if you and / or your family rely on your income.

• Bargaining Power!
If you are out of work an Employer is less likely to feel the desire/ or need to offer an increased package with the view that you are out of work so anything is an improvement. When you are in a job and they want to offer you a position with them they will be looking for ways to make their package more attractive in order to tempt you to work for them and add value to their offer.

3. CV
Having a CV of continuous employment will look better when applying for jobs in the future – showing you are committed to an Employer. When you start to consider looking for another job you need to consider options carefully to ensure it's the right long term move and not just a stepping stone which will devalue both yourself and your CV and could harm your chances of securing your dream job in the future.

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