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How to succeed at work

How to succeed at work
2nd October 2014

Many of us are all looking for ways to progress in our careers and be considered for pay rises and promotions. Whilst these opportunities are not always readily available you need to think ahead and be in the best possible position when they area! Below are a few tips on how you can put yourself ahead of the competition.

Positive Attitude
Remember to always try and stay positive! Having a 'Can do approach' to tasks at work will make you more approachable by your Managers as well as the others around you. Maintaining this outlook will also make you a strong consideration for more senior roles as a positive outlook not only rubs off on those around you but makes it easier to encourage more junior members of staff.
Team Player
Being a team player shows your ability to take responsibility for things. Whilst helping someone with a stack of filing may seem like a menial task putting in a bit of extra effort with your colleagues doesn't go unmissed by others and makes you more valued as an Employee.
Negotiation Skills
Being a strong negotiator can help you when trying to gain promotions and salary increases – what better than to talk yourself into a role by putting forward a strong case as to why they need you!
Confidence and arrogance can often be confused. Being confident about your abilities doesn't mean you have to be cocky about it but if you are good at doing something and showing confidence in yourself others around you will have confidence in your abilities too.
Being a good listener is a very important part of any job role – listening to instructions, explanations even down to criticism can help you get ahead of the game and show that you value others and take things on board – by doing so you can improve your knowledge and ability to your job!
Level Headed
Stay calm even when something at work makes you feel like shouting and stamping your feet having a calm approach and thinking before you act shows someone with leadership potential.
Set Backs
Everyone suffers from setbacks and as the saying goes 'It does not matter how many times you get t knocked down but how many times you get up' (Vince Lombardi)
Learn from your mistakes and experiences and use them to your advantage the next time you give something a shot.

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