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Dealing with a Job Offer

Dealing with a Job Offer
10th September 2014

Dealing with a job offer

So you've been offered your dream job but a few things in the package don't stack up for you… how do you deal with it?

There's a limit as to how long you can leave it before you go back to the client with your decision –if they have a position vacant it could well be that being a person down is effecting the business and putting pressure on them one way or an other – it could be due to putting other members of staff under pressure having to pick up the extra work load or by missing potential custom therefore its only courteous that you respond to their offer of employment as soon as possible. If you need more time to think about the offer make sure you keep in contact with them and let them know – after all they will want to make sure you are confident in the role being right for you just as much as you!

Upon receiving the offer of employment make sure you get all of the details:
Salary, Bonuses, Commission + Benefits
Working Hours
Annual Leave Entitlement
Career Progression
Along with anything else you can think of that may affect you taking the job or carrying out your duties effectively.

If any of the above aren't quite right now is the time to say!
If you are asking for an increased salary you need to justify your reasons for asking
- What can you bring to the company that others can't?
- Is the package lower than that you are currently on?
- Is it costing you more to travel?
If the package isn't what you were hoping also take into consideration the other factors? Will it give you the opportunity to work within the sector you want? Could it lead to career progression? Is it reviewable after the probationary period?

Check out the competition! What are they paying and what benefits do they offer? What are you worth?
And most of all remember the reasons you went for the interview in the first place…

Once you have gone through all of the above contact the Client / Recruitment Consultant and tell them exactly what it is that isn't right and give them the opportunity to see if they can improve the package. Sometimes they have leverage other times particularly in larger groups where everyone is paid equally it can be a lot harder for them to change hours or salaries however if you don't ask you don't get!

If you decide the job isn't for you for whatever reason most importantly of all don't burn your bridges! Contact the Employer or agency to let them know why – you never know they could have something else for you or you may end up working with them in the future!

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