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Answering Interview Questions

Answering Interview Questions
23rd September 2014

Answering Interview Questions

Attending an interview can be daunting however some basic preparation can make it a lot less nerve racking! Remember the person sitting the other side of the desk is only human and may not particularly enjoy the interview process either so some simple steps can put you both at ease and turn it in to more of a friendly chat than a tough grilling!

Do your research!
Arriving in a positive frame of mind with time to prepare a few last minute questions and have a look at the operation before you go in to the interview will help you start off the interview the right way. Look up the address and plan your route – if need be do a trial run before you go to ensure you know where you are going, where to park and how to find the right department. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time as running late will put you on the back foot before you even get there. You don't want to arrive feeling stressed out and in a flap and start the interview off with apologising for bad time keeping!
Check out the employer's website if they have one and read up on the history of the Company. Read the job description thoroughly and think about how you can transfer your existing skill set and experience to the position as this a question that they are likely to ask.

Know your Strengths & Weaknesses
These are very popular questions that potential Employers use to gauge you as a person as well as potential training areas and how you will fit in with the team. Also think about how you can turn your weaknesses into a positive.

Why are you looking to leave your current employer?
Be honest but professional – if you don't get on with your line Manager explain politely why. Never be disrespectful to a previous Employer in an interview as the only person it will look bad on will be you!
If you've been let go from your last job be up front about it – Employers will respect you a lot more for your honesty and if they find out after offering you a position with them may result in them retracting their offer!

What would you like to ask me?
Try not to make them all about how much holiday you get and how long a lunch break you can take – although earning potential is an important question. Ask about the Companies future, career path's available to you – where do you want to be in 5 years' time? How could the company accommodate this? Are they part of a governing body? Do they provide training?

The more prepared you are before your interview the more confident you will seem. Make eye contact, try not to fidget and think before you answer a question!

Good Luck!

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