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Accepting the Job offer

Accepting the Job offer
10th September 2014

Once you have received and accepted a verbal offer of employment ask for everything in writing. If there are bonuses or any benefits included in the package ask for details of these to be included. If you are keen to start the job as soon as possible you could ask for a copy on email as well as in the post to speed up the process.

It is always advisable to wait for the offer of employment to arrive in writing before handing in your notice just in case anything changes! This is rare but does happen from time to time with Senior Managers not signing off positions for other reasons within the company that the direct line manager may not be aware of.

Once you have got everything in writing now is the time to do the dreaded deed of handing in your resignation! ...

Once you have received your offer of employment check through all of the details and returning any signed paperwork as soon as possible to demonstrate your efficiency!

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