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The R Word

The R Word
27th April 2017

We have worked with the IMI this year on their documentary 'vision for the future' discussing how the automotive sector has changed over the past few years and what changes the industry needs to make in order to rid the motor trade of its stereotypical used car salesman image however as a recruiter we are constantly battling similar negative connotations due to bad practice of recruiters with questionable work ethics.

How many times have we heard the typical 'oh I don't like recruitment agencies' or 'we don't like to use them unless we really have to' my guess is that these are the statements of people that have had bad experiences with a recruiter and therefore not seen the true value in the service we provide.

The negative image comes not just from the obvious spammers we come across on a daily basis where recruiters that spam candidates cv's to potential clients, often having never spoken to the candidate in question or having even spoken to the client about their individual needs for the business but from the lack of care throughout the process and after the placement is made. This is done purely to hit targets for the recruiters short term gain 'bums on seats' and a quick fee with no real thought to acting responsibly as a recruiter and building a long term trust with the candidate or client in question.

…So what can we do to change the perception?

It really is a simple process, treat others with respect, work hard, work honestly and have a long term goal. I have always believed that if you always do your best and work with integrity then you will build the trust of the people you are dealing with and develop long term business relations making those that are cutting corners pale in comparison.

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