It's a Job Seekers Market!

Posted 31/07/2018 : By: Laura Rycroft

It’s a Job Seekers Market!

I first started working in automotive recruitment back in 2009 covering the Yorkshire region as an Area Manager. Just as I began my recruitment career 22 dealerships in the area closed and dealers had people queuing at the doors with their cv’s looking for work. Nine years on and how the tables have turned!  Candidates with experience in the sector, particularly fully qualified vehicle technicians are in demand. Skill shortages have been a focal point of the industry and with the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles, autonomous vehicles and connected cars those with the right skill set are becoming fewer and far between. It’s not just Technicians that are in short supply, finding quality candidates is a nationwide problem.

Whilst staff retention is the most time and cost-effective route we all know that this doesn’t solve everything and there will frequently be times when you need to advertise for staff for one reason or another. With employers competing for quality staff it’s important that this is given the utmost care and attention.

So what can you do to attract talent?

Research suggests that it’s not all about money, employees also take into consideration the location of the position and value a good work-life balance, benefits and perks as well as the all-important training and career prospects. When advertising a vacancy, it’s important that you highlight absolutely all of these, what may seem an insignificant detail to one person can be the deciding factor for another as to whether they submit an application or not. Working hours can be make or break for someone with a family and childcare commitments. A recent survey by Glassdoor found that 48% of employees consider staff benefits as one of their key considerations so stating the hours along with benefits, perks and the training as well as career prospects will add serious weight to the advertised position. This could be the difference between your job advert and the next advert on the page when a job seeker is submitting applications.

If you receive an application or interview a candidate for a position and you really like them then don’t delay! We hear all too often of candidates feeling undervalued because the process was too lengthy! Recent research by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) revealed that 20% of workers withdrew from the recruitment process because it was taking too long.

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