How to Increase Car Sales

Posted 13/03/2019 : By: Abigail Brown

What does it take to be a good car salesman? How do you get your sales team to be successful in their efforts? You can never be sure that your sales team will pull through and get the results you want and need to meet your business goals, but we know a few basic sales techniques that may make all the difference to their performance:

1) Remember the customer’s name

Making the effort to remember the customer’s name not only shows interest and impeccable manners but also dedication to your job – and that can go a long way in the customer’s eyes. Addressing the customer by their name throughout the sales process will make it feel more personal and build rapport. Another technique to incorporate alongside this is mirroring. Mirroring is the act of adopting the physical and verbal behaviours of a customer in order to promote agreement during the sales process.

2) Stop, think, and listen

If you asked people for their description of a stereotypical car salesman ‘in action’ they would probably say they like the sound of their own voice too much and don’t listen enough. This obviously isn’t the way to go. The customer will really appreciate it if you take the time to listen to their concerns/preferences and you will be able to gain a better understanding of what they actually want.

3) Eye contact

Car Sales Training

We’re not telling you to stare longingly into their eyes or weird them out with unwavering eye contact, but it’s important that you give the customer some form of eye contact in order to provide a platform to build a connection with the customer. They say you should aim to make eye contact about 30-60% of the time during a conversation – no stare downs necessary!

4) Patience is a virtue

There’s no point pushing people to buy a car – if they want it, they want it! You can only do so much and pressuring the customer is certainly not something you should do. Simply provide them with the information, ask the right questions, listen to their needs, build a rapport and present them with the right option. At the end of a customer’s time with you, a relationship has been formed and you’re both working towards the same goal, rather than just making a ‘sale’. 

5) Be real and honest

For the people-pleasers among you, this will be difficult but you have to avoid only telling the customer what they want to hear. Don’t overpromise anything and keep it real so that you don’t under-deliver. 

6) Know your stuff

Training to be a car salesperson

As much as it’s incredibly important to know how to deal with customers, it’s equally as crucial to actually

know the product you’re trying to sell. The more you know, the more trust the customer will have in you and the brand you’re selling and the more chance you’ll have of making a sale.

If you’re looking into bolstering your staff’s car sales efforts, ensuring they have the right knowledge and skills is paramount. At Progress Recruitment, we are offering intensive, industry-led training courses to give you the tools to increase sales and improve profitability in the auto trade.

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