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Posted 11/03/2019 : By: Abigail Brown

If you’re passionate about cars and exploring different engines piques your interest, you may be looking for a career as a successful mechanic. Mechanical engineers are in high demand presently, but to make yourself even more desirable to hiring garages and give yourself the edge over other candidates you should add some MOT tester training to your belt.

So you like cars, but what does being a mechanic really mean?

Depending on the size of the garage you work at, and your particular specialist skill set, a day in the workshop can range from dipping in and out of work with different car part’s and systems and being the main engineer for a particular specialist service. Mechanics work on all things to do with cars, from the brakes and air conditioning to the cam belts, gearbox and steering. Mechanics utilise a range of tools and have incredible problem-solving skills to be able to diagnose the problem with a car.

Hours and Salary

Again, the wages you can expect from a job as a mechanic vary dependant on the experience & skills you offer and the garage you work at. The good thing about being a mechanic is that (for the foreseeable future at least!) your services are always needed. Going down an entrepreneurial route and starting your own garage could considerably increase your wages, but a training certification can help you earn a higher salary. 

MOT Tester Training


There are many aspects of a mechanics job that would benefit from training, but sometimes it can be easier to learn while you do. The difference between being recognised as a worthy candidate and not even being considered for a job, however, can rely purely on the type of experience you have. Being able to conduct successful MOTs will give you the edge over other applicants, or reward you a pay rise in your current job. 

How to get started

At Progress Recruitment we’re providing comprehensive MOT Tester Training Courses for all of our candidates at unparalleled prices. Gaining a new qualification can bolster your current career, or simply get your foot in the door for your first mechanics job.

Our candidates have access to the following courses:

  • MOT Tester Training Class 4 & 7
  • Motorcycle MOT Tester Training Class 1 & 2
  • MOT Centre Manager
  • MOT Centre Manager Light Vehicle Inspection Level 3

Progress Recruitment are “here for the journey, not just the drive”.

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