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Progress Recruitment

As a company we take our own recruitment processes very seriously. We ensure that we have a wealth of not just experience in recruitment, but our team have a strong background in motor trade jobs - the very discipline that they will be recruiting in - making us industry leaders. We have over 100 years of automotive and motor trade recruitment experience collectively within our team, with all disciplines within this industry sector.

How to Succeed in an Interview
How to Succeed in an Interview

You’ve sent your CV to us and we’ve sent it on to one of our clients who has a position we think you’d be perfect for you. The good news is that they’...

Car Sale
How to Increase Car Sales

What does it take to be a good car salesman? How do you get your sales team to be successful in their efforts? You can never be sure that your sales t...

Become an MOT Tester

If you’re passionate about cars and exploring different engines piques your interest, you may be looking for a career as a successful mechanic. Mechan...